Welcome to Badger Transport, Inc.

We haul oversized/overweight equipment and machinery for a variety of industries.

30 years in business – 18 in heavy haul – 15 in wind!

Badger Transport hauls oversize/overweight equipment and machinery for industries as diverse as automotive and paper, bio fuels and wind. As far as weight is concerned we have trailers capable to handle 300 ton.

We transport everything it takes to harness wind power: tower sections, blades, nacelles…you name it. And no one can match the capabilities of our specialized equipment and personnel. Our custom-designed equipment can handle any length, width or height. As far as weight is concerned we can handle 115 short tons. Future equipment will have capabilities of 215 short tons.

We’ve been around the block, too, we are an asset based company with 30 years in business, 18 years in heavy haul and more than 15 serving wind. The long road has been paved with repeat work from customers who have become accustomed to quick loading, unloading and exceptional service through every mile in between.

Badger’s wheels are always turning, and we’re ready to turn some miles for you. Contact us today.

WATTS LINE: 1-800-952-8089
LOCAL: 1-715-823-5426
FAX: 1-715-823-1408
Badger Transport, Inc.
(Main Office)
325A 15th Street
Clintonville, WI 54929

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